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Document analysis

We are analyzing documents to understand opportunity to learn in these classes and to examine how mathematics classes for teachers relate to current policies, requirements, and research on teacher knowledge. Documents include:

  • Textbooks written for mathematics courses for prospective elementary teachers
  • Course materials such as syllabi and assessments when available
  • State K-8 mathematics standards in the selected states
  • State policies and certification requirements for K-8 teachers
  • National mathematics standards and policies
  • State and national tests required for certification
  • Current research on teacher knowledge for teaching mathematic

Textbook analysis has been such a significant part of the study that it is covered fully on a separate page. Click here to go to the textbook analysis page.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0447611, with additional support from the College of Education at Michigan State University and the Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics (CPTM) at the University of Michigan

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