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Related Projects

KAT: Knowledge of Algebra for Teaching Project
KAT is funded by the National Science Foundation to study the knowledge teachers need and use to teach algebra. The project is currently developing and piloting items to measure teacher knowledge using a framework developed earlier.

Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum (CSMC)
The Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum was funded by the National Science Foundation for a five year period January 2004 –2009. The Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum will expand the base of expertise and leadership for K-12 mathematics curriculum design, analysis, implementation, and evaluation.Major areas of Center work include understanding the influence and potential of mathematics curriculum materials; enabling teacher learning through curriculum material investigation and implementation; and building capacity for developing, implementing, and studying the impact of mathematics curriculum materials. Over a five-year period, the Center will support 30 Doctoral Fellows in mathematics education, 30 Curriculum Interns, 100 K-12 school, district and/or state curriculum leaders, and 200 K-12 teachers in at least 6 partner school districts. It will also engage in systemic research efforts designed to illuminate the essential characteristics of curriculum materials and related teacher support that contribute to increased student learning.

LMT: Learning Mathematics for Teaching, University of Michigan.
The LMT project investigates the mathematical knowledge needed for teaching, and how such knowledge develops as a result of experience and professional learning. We do so through the writing, piloting, and analysis of problems that reflect real mathematics tasks teachers face in classrooms - for instance, assessing student work, representing numbers and operations, and explaining common mathematical rules or procedures. Assessments composed of these problems are often used to measure the effectiveness of professional development intended to improve teachers' mathematical knowledge.

Prom/SE: Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics and Science Education
This is a comprehensive research and development effort to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning in grades K-12, based on assessment of students and teachers, improvement of standards and frameworks, and capacity building with teachers and administrators.

TEDS-M: IEA Teacher Education Study in Mathematics
Sponsored by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), TEDS-M is a collaborative effort of worldwide institutions and experts in mathematics, mathematics education, teacher education and comparative research design. Michigan State University and the Australian Council for Educational Research have been selected as the international study centers for this project.


Updated 09/12/2009

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0447611, with additional support from the College of Education at Michigan State University and the Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics (CPTM) at the University of Michigan

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